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Parent & Carer Support Group​

Parenting children with ADHD requires a special type of dedication and a willingness to advocate for your child when no one seems to be listening or open to understanding their needs. As a parent it can feel isolating, exhausting and like you’re failing. Every area of life can be impacted; romantic relationships, career, friends, family, finances, and one’s own mind health. Quite quickly the words NDIS, disability education standards, stimulants, non-stimulants, paediatricians, psychologists, speech pathologists, OT’s and more become part of everyday language. Often a child’s diagnosis will lead to a parent’s diagnosis and the well understood genetic and hereditary nature of ADHD in families unfolds.

Living In Bloom runs a monthly parent & carer support group with the aim to offer support and connection, discuss and share resources relevant to all things parenting and ADHD.

Confidentiality and privacy is upheld through written consent and acknowledgement of the group’s boundaries by all participants.

Living with ADHD

One-on-One Parent & Carer Consultations​

Raising children with ADHD can feel like you’re living on a roller coaster. Periods of calm and stability can quickly change as children enter new developmental stages and the world demands different skills and capacity from them.

Living In Bloom one-on-one parent and carer ADHD Consultations focus on your immediate needs and challenges. We collaborate with you on the challenge, brainstorm support strategies and develop an action plan. Our approach to parental stress and support considers all four interrelated factors: parent factors, child factors, parent-child factors, and environments. Living In Bloom freely share resources and other ADHD health professional contacts to empower parents raising children with ADHD.

A consultation can be helpful when a diagnosis is new, you’re struggling to find relevant professional help, you’re not sure what professional help you need, difficult family dynamics, confusion about school support, disability law and disability education standards and suspected parent neurodiversity. Essentially any ADHD parenting challenge that you need help navigating. A problem shared is a problem halved, you are not alone.

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