Counselling & Psychotherapy

What Counselling & Psychotherapy can help with?

Life is complicated and complex. A person can often identify that they are not at peace with something within themselves or their life, because there is strong emotion, distress and discomfort. Professional counselling & psychotherapy offers a non-judgemental and compassionate solution for many. People seek support from Living In Bloom for a wide variety of reasons.
“A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe.”
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Why Counselling & Psychotherapy?

As a private counselling & psychotherapy practice, Living In Bloom offers the convenience and privacy of not requiring a GP referral or mental health care plan. Counselling takes a person-centered approach to mind healthcare, asking, “what happened to you?” not “what’s wrong with you?”. Counsellors & psychotherapists often work with other mental health professionals as part of a person’s shared healthcare.

Psychoeducation and teaching transformative techniques for self-mind-care, are an intrinsic part of how Living In Bloom empowers clients. We embrace the lived experiences of each individual and build a trusted client-therapist relationship, to bring about positive outcomes and lasting change.
Life transitions


At Living In Bloom, we work together with clients to help them reach their personal goals, and the changes they want to make in themselves and their relationships. Utilising an emotion processing and strength-based approach, we draw from,
client-centered therapy
emotion-focused therapy
psychodynamic therapy
positive psychology
motivational interviewing
attachment and trauma theory

Change Starts with a Single Step

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How is Psychotherapy different to Counselling?

At Living In Bloom, we utilise the processes of both counselling and psychotherapy based on our clients’ unique needs.

Counselling is often focused on a specific problem, can be short-term and uses talk-therapy as the primary approach to change and positive outcomes.

Psychotherapy uses techniques to uncover the unconscious and subconscious processes of the mind. It focuses on exploring the past, childhood and family structures to help make sense of the present. The objective is to understand the lens through which an individual views the world, others, themselves and why. A safe and trusting therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist underpins the process.

Psychotherapy facilitates a profound shift in the understanding a person has of who they are and why. It enables a person to make new and different choices in life which brings about long-lasting change.